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Instant Beauty – Fast-Action Solutions

Monika Gruszecka

Monika Gruszecka

IMPAG Chemicals Poland Sp. z o.o.

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Ready meal delivery services, friend–to–friend payment services, AI... In our frenetically digitalized world, consumers expect their wishes to be instantly fulfilled. Beauty is no exception to this rule!

What is behind the trend towards Instant Beauty? The demand for products with immediate results: a glowing complexion, a perfect finish, a smoothing, mattifying, softening effect before taking the perfect photo!


Top claim – time & speed!

„Time/speed“ is one of the most important claim categories among consumer expectations in Europe.* Visible, palpable, and fast effects are a great opportunity for cosmetics brands, but at the same time they are a challenge. Sounds like a mission for our IMPAG Lab! Instant effects on and in the skin can be achieved in multiple ways.

  • Consumers perceive pigments and soft-focus texturizers immediately, especially in make-ups, powders, colour cosmetics, primers with masking fillers, concealers, and much more. The challenge: modern, natural textures with high performance!
  • Special, spherical texturizing additives allow immediate mattifying of shiny skin as well as fast absorption after applying. This application is considered especially desirable for men‘s care or for oily skin.
  • With water-binding macromolecules (e.g. polysaccharides or hyaluronic acid) or film-formers, it is possible to achieve rapid effects for improving skin hydration. When skin is more hydrated and plump, even fine lines and wrinkles appear milder.
  • Innovative active ingredient concepts induce a physical effect by contracting on the skin surface and giving the sense of „tightening“. Other options include the use of certain molecules that then „plump“ the skin from the inside.
  • Abrasive scrub particles also achieve immediate smoothing by mechanically removing dead skin cells.
  • Popular and instantly effective are cooling or warming active ingredients for applications such as foot care, body packs, or summer/winter care. . .
  • Similar options exist with fragrances. Perfume oils play an important role in consumers‘ selection of cosmetic products, and the positive or negative perception of an odour occurs instantly when testing, usually while still on the back of the hand.

Cosmetics brands also like to combine both immediate and long-lasting modes of action. Biological effects in the skin simply take more time. They require entire skin regeneration cycles to achieve the desired improvement and to provide positive support in biological processes.

IMPAG has taken up this challenge, and presents exciting solutions in the new concept Instant Beauty: Pure inspiration with new guide formulations from our Application Lab! 


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*Source: Mintel GNPD Database, 2023.

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