MKARE® - unique source of key bioactive compounds MKARE® - unique source of key bioactive compounds
Written by Tina Shafiei Birkhofer

MKARE® - unique source of key bioactive compounds

MKARE® is a branded ingredient based on 100% natural and fresh eggshell membrane powder. Eggshell membranes are source of collagen (I, V and X), hyaluronic acid, elastin, chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine, and over 400 proteins.

The active Biomolecules make MKARE® a unique clinically proven supplement solution that meets current market requirements for sports, healthy aging, beauty and fast growing animal health concepts in ONE single ingredient.

The biomolecules that compose the membrane work in synergy by providing high efficiency with a minimum daily dose of 300 mg for humans and 12-15 mg/kg for pets.

MKARE® is available in 4 different qualities: 

  • MKARE ST - Eggshell Membrane Standard
  • MKARE IF - Eggshell Membrane Improved Fluidity
  • MKARE IS - Eggshell Membrane Improved Solubility
  • MKARE FR - Eggshell Membrane from Free Range Chickens

MKARE® is a unique ingredients with proven benefits for:

  • Sport Nutrittion
    Helps to recover the optimal physiological conditions of the joint system after the workout, thanks to its cysteine content that increases the levels of taurine and glutathione, decreasing recovery time and muscle fatigue.
  • Beauty Health
    Thanks to its content rich in sulfur amino acids that play a fundamental role in the synthesis of keratin and collagen, that helps improve the appearance of hair, skin and nails.
  • Healthy aging
    The content in sulfur amino acids acts as an antioxidant maintaining the cellular redox balance and protecting the body from the possible damage effects derived from oxidative stress.
  • Animal Health
    The synergistic effect of its biomolecules such as collagen, and GAGs such as chondroitin and glucosamine, achieves an improvement in mobility, decreasing inflammation and stiffness.

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