Partnership with collagen producer Seagarden Partnership with collagen producer Seagarden

Partnership with collagen producer Seagarden

We are pleased to announce the strengthening of our partnership with Seagarden AS.

Seagarden is a leading producer of natural, high-quality marine ingredients. The company's main activities are the production of marine powders and collagens. Seagarden's raw materials are used worldwide as ingredients in food, feed and dietary supplements.

IMPAG is an independent, third-party trading company focusing on the procurement and distribution of raw materials and active ingredients, professional advice and technical support, as well as complete logistics in the life science sector.

For years, we have been strengthening our cooperation in terms of the distribution of Seagarden's raw materials in Poland. Since this year, we have strengthened our ties and started distribution also in western European countries, where IMPAG is active, as well as in CEE countries.

Seagarden marine collagen is produced from sustainably caught fish in the clean, cold waters of the North Atlantic. Type I collagen contains bioactive oligopeptides extracted from the skin of cod, codfish or salmon. Collagen is hydrolysed into short oligopeptides that are rapidly absorbed by the body. Clinically proven, collagen can be used in dietary supplements (nutricosmetics) to improve the appearance of skin, hair and nails. It is consistent with the trend of taking care of natural beauty from the inside as well.

Please address enquiries and orders directly to the sales representative responsible for your country.