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Poland goes Nutri-Score – nutriscore-optimiser

IMPAG supports you in optimizing the nutritional value of your products

We are here to support you in optimizing the nutritional value of new product developments or when reformulating existing products with our solutions. Use our Nutri-Score Calculator, or consult directly with your contact in our Nutrition & Health Team.

Go here to use the Nutri-Score Calculator.


IMPAG Nutri-Score Calculator / Optimiser


Nutri-Score is a voluntary front-of-packaging food label that shows how balanced a product is in terms of its nutritional composition, on a scale from A (=balanced) to E (=unbalanced). The Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) in Switzerland has been in favour of its use since 2019.

The formula used to calculate the score has been scientifically validated, and allows comparisons to be made between similar foods. In Switzerland, there are currently more than 1300 products and 56 brands labelled with the Nutri-Score.

Nutri-Score food label