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IMPAG new SNF Personal Care distributor in Poland

We are pleased to announce that as a result of the integration of SNF SA with our current partner, Rheolab, we have become official distributor of SNF SA on the Polish market and thus expanded our range of raw materials in the field of thickeners and conditioners.

Thickeners – FLOCARE, NATURSOL series

SNF offers a wide range of polymers, in liquid and solid form, dedicated to use in skin and hair care products in the form of reverse emulsion. Reverse emulsion involves the dispersion of water in oil, with the water droplet acting as a micro-reactor in which the polymer is synthesised. 

Our portfolio includes polymers in both powder form and their oil dispersions, which will further facilitate handling and improve production efficiency.

The use of conditioning polymers in cosmetics brings many benefits. In hair products, they make wet combing easier, add shine and silkiness to the hair, moisturize it and prevent static electricity. In addition, they improve lather stability.

In bath and shower gels cationic polymers reduce the feeling of tight, dry skin. They perfectly moisturise and leave the skin velvety to the touch.

IMPAG new SNF Personal Care distributor in Poland