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Concept of Beauty Unplugged: From Trend to Product

Addressing consumers who are looking for Clean Beauty Products

Everyone is talking about 'Clean Beauty'! Many cosmetic brands, which sell their products under the slogan "clean", have set themselves the goal of creating cosmetics that protect the skin from harmful external influences.

But not all "Clean Beauty consumers" are the same. Not everyone attaches the same importance to every aspect of this trend. While some put 'naturalness' and 'transparency' first, others do not want to compromise on 'sustainability' or 'safety'.

If you want to reach your target consumer group Clean Beauty and create a new generation of cosmetics, please contact us. Thanks to our Beauty Unplugged trend presentation and sample formulas, we will tell you how to gain the interest of Clean Beauty consumers.

To make an appointment, please click on this email link.

Of course, you are also welcome to contact us by phone at +48 22 418 40 00 or talk to your contact person directly.

Addressing the clean Beauty Trend in cosmetic products