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We inspire and advise! Following the latest trends and specific market needs, we offer high quality raw materials, including active ingredients for the cosmetics industry.

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 "Beauty Reloaded"

RE-flect and RE-define your Beauty Routine!

Pause for a moment – renounce, reflect, redefine, and rediscover... 2020 turned our lives upside down! Never before has a global event had so much of an effect on all of us: from one day to the next, we were forced to navigate a new reality. 

In the cosmetics industry, too, new needs and consumer behaviours have appeared that are affecting the market development. In our concept BEAUTY RE-LOADED, we go into the opportunities presented by this change. On the one hand, moments of uncertainty and fear have grown with the spread of the pandemic. On the other hand, people have discovered the pleasure in living a healthier lifestyle and taking better care of themselves.

Beauty care has taken on a new dimension, and is now expected to be not only “clean” and safe, but should also promote personal wellbeing and at the same time help to care for our environment, society, and the planet. 

New reality due to the pandemic: new care routine of consumers.

Four inspiring consumer profiles

Wellbeing, sustainability, advancing technology, the increasing sense of justice… in BEAUTY RE-LOADED, we illuminate these and other impacts that have become more relevant over the past year, and which have greatly influenced the demands and behaviours of modern consumers. 

As a tangible result from a trend analysis, we can reveal to you the needs and behaviours of modern consumers, captioned in four inspiring consumer profiles that represent the most essential consumer profiles of today. 

In our concept BEAUTY RE-LOADED, we present these four consumer profiles to you, delve into the market trends relevant to each target group such as maskne, beautyfood, etc., and give you many different examples on the market of how cosmetics producers are responding to these changing needs and demands. 


Four inspiring consumer profiles are used in this project.

IMPAG LAB solutions!

Starting from the expectations of the four defined personas, our application laboratory has developed a diverse range of suitable formulas. 

Be inspired and join us in developing the next generation of skin care products. 

We will be happy to present the concept to you in person or by videoconference. 

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Of course, you can also reach us by telephone on +48 22 418 40 00.

Inspiring formulations about beauty reloaded