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Care and glow

To make you feel luxurious, also at home, we recommend the Powdery Butter dry Oil formula (link to PDF), developed by IMPAG Application Laboratory. This multifunctional, silicone-free formula combines nurturing with decorative properties. The feel of a soft butter transforms into the feel of a dry oil on the skin. It can be used as a body butter for dry skin areas or for a gentle shimmer on arms and décolleté. It also places beautiful accents on the face as a highlight product.

The care properties as well as the texture of the skin butter are mainly due to the following ingredients:

  • IRWINOL™ is a vegetable butter extracted from the African fruit Irvingia gabonensis, also known as “wild mango”. It is an extraordinary product whose natural composition of triglycerides, vitamins and sterols provide the “drive” behind its effectiveness. Thanks to a gentle protective film, IRWINOL® improves skin feel. Additionally, it provides skin regeneration.
  • SQISANDRYL™ is a natural oil-soluble superfruit extract from the Schisandra chinensis with adaptogenic properties.  It is antioxidative and protects against the effects of environmental pollution. It was created for "stressed" skin care.  In a placebo-controlled efficacy study, it was confirmed that the skin elasticity and skin firmness were measurably improved.
  • SUNSIL-OLEO150H are natural silica microbeads, surface modified with cetyl alcohol, which affect the product's sensory properties. They reduce the feeling of greasiness on the skin. Whereas lipophilic additive provides stability of cosmetic formulations and the effect of silky and smooth feeling on the skin during application.