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Argassential™ – Improves skin tightness and plumps cheeks and lips

ARGASSENTIAL™ is an active ingredient from the sustainable Argan Programme of BASF Care Creations. The active ingredient is obtained from the pulp of argan fruits and is rich in esterified triterpenes (lupeol, α- and β-amyrin).

ARGASSENTIAL™ stimulates the production of pro-collagen type I and collagen type I, and thus helps strengthen the dermis. Argania Spinosa Fruit Extract has increased the diff erentiation of human undiff erentiated pre-adipocytes, leading to +69% of lipids in the mature adipocytes. In a study Argania Spinosa Fruit Extract was applied during both diff erentiation and maturation phases (undiff erentiated pre-adipocytes and diff erentiated preadipocytes). This procedure leads to an increase of lipids storage in mature adipocytes up to 325 %.

The effectiveness of ARGASSENTIAL™ in the facial area was demonstrated in three placebo-controlled clinical trials. In a half-face test on 29 female volunteers, a cream containing 2% ARGASSENTIAL™ was applied over 56 days. Cutometer® measurement revealed a significant increase in skin elasticity after 56 days compared to the placebo-treated area. In another study with 20 female volunteers, the skin profile in the cheekbone area was evaluated by 3D Primos® Body measurement. A cream containing 2 % ARGASSENTIAL™ was applied versus a placebo formulation in a half-face test over 56 days. After 56 days, a plumping effect in the cheekbone area was observed versus the control. In a trial with 21 female volunteers, the effect of 2 % ARGASSENTIAL™ in a lipstick formulation on lip volume was measured by the Primos® Pico method (Fig. 1). After 28 days, a significant increase in lip volume was observed compared to the initial situation. The placebo lipstick had no significant effect on the volume.

ARGASSENTIAL™ improves elasticity and plumps the skin in the cheek and lip areas. ARGASSENTIAL™ is worked in at the end of the formulation process at a temperature below 40 °C. BASF has celebrated the 10-year anniversary of its Argan Programme. Ca 1.000 women from rural areas of southern Morocco have benefi tted from this programme to date. Half of the proceeds from oil cake and pomace are paid into social funds of the cooperatives, and has so far been used for funding projects such as literacy programmes and health initiatives. Since 2005, four diff erent active ingredients from the programme have been commercially launched:

  • LIPOFRUCTYL™ ARGAN, an organic oil with Fairtrade certification
  • ARGATENSYL™, a skin tightening protein extract from the oil cake
  • ARGANYL™, an anti-aging extract from the leaves of the argan tree, for protecting the skin against environmental stress
  • ARGASSENTIAL™ the latest anti-aging active 

INCI: Dicaprylyl Ether, Sorbitol, Lauryl Glucoside, Polyglyceryl-2 Dipolyhydroxystearate, Aqua, Argania Spinosa Fruit Extract, Glycerin
Appearance: Syrupy liquid
Preservatives: None
Recommended application concentration: 1–2%
Certification: ECOCERT and COSMOS compliant
ARGASSENTIAL™ is a trademark of BASF Care Creations



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