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We inspire and advise! Following the latest trends and specific market needs, we offer high quality raw materials, including active ingredients for the cosmetics industry.

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Personal Care
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Our Personal Care Application Lab

Our own Application Laboratory, situated in the German city of Offenbach close to Frankfurt, does offer a very high level of technical support. 

The work carried out in our laboratory shows the advantages of our products and enables us to follow current trends!


Thanks to the latest equipment and experienced staff, we provide support in the field:

  • Improving of cosmetic formulations
  • Addressing the problems that arise regarding formulation, use, solubility etc. of our raw materials
  • Development of guide formulations
  • Resolving incompatibilities with other raw materials
  • Marketing concepts and trends and much more
IMPAG Application Lab

Current emphasis of lab work

Technical support

Custom-made solutions allow us to tackle also difficult challenges and solve different types of problems.

Supporting solutions

Textures which inspire!

Perfect skin care products can be developed to have suprising effects and extraordinarys textures.

Amazing texture additives offer countless possibilities for creating innovative and improved products.

Inspiring textures

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IMPAG Application Lab