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Collagen peptides, whether orally ingested or topically administered, have positive effects on health and beauty. Collagen is vital for the elasticity, flexibility and strength of skin, tendons and ligaments, but also of the cornea, cartilage, bones, blood vessels and gut.

Why are marine collagen peptides unique?
Fish-derived collagen peptides are receiving more and more attention due to their favourable characteristics and fewer consumer reservations compared to mammal-derived ingredients. Studies have proven the impact of marine collagen peptides on personal appearance and the musculoskeletal system.

Marine collagen benefits:

  • Anti-aging effect on skin
  • Reducing skin wrinkles
  • Increasing the skin moisture level
  • Protecting hair against chemical damage

Seagarden's NUTRICOLL - High quality natural raw material.

Our collagen is a type 1 collagen which contains bio-active oligopeptides produced from cod skin. The collagen is hydrolyzed into short oligopeptides which are rapidly absorbed by the body.

Seagarden's NUTRICOLL works well in:

  • “Beauty from within”, special nutrition and functional sport applications.
  • Applications for pharmaceutical products with focus on the musculoskeletal system

NUTRICOLL marine collagen is available in bulk, sticks, tablets etc.

More about NUTRICOLL:

  • Good and fast solubility
  • Bio-available protein which is easily digestible
  • Mild taste and smell
  • Natural appearance
  • Free from artificial additives and preservatives
  • Non - GMO

Seagarden Group -  A major producer of high quality marine ingredients

  • The Seagarden Group is one of the world’s major marine ingredients companies producing 100% natural ingredients for use in savoury, nutritional, personal care, cosmetics and pharmaceutical markets.
  • Seagarden uses only high quality marine raw materials in its production.
  • Seagarden offers more than 50 unique ingredients used in thousands of food and cosmetic products around the world.



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