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We inspire and advise! Following the latest trends and specific market needs, we offer high quality raw materials, including active ingredients for the cosmetics industry.

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Texts about raw materials, products and trends. 


Argassential™ – Improves skin tightness and plumps cheeks and lips

ARGASSENTIAL™ is an active ingredient from the sustainable Argan Programme of BASF Care Creations. The active ingredient is obtained from the pulp of argan fruits and is rich in...


Speci'men™ – An active ingredient developed for mature men’s skin

SPECI‘MEN™ is an active ingredient developed specifi cally as an anti-age care for mature men’s skin. Men’s skin generally ages more slowly than women’s skin. Once the signs of...


Collrepair™ DG – Successful reversal of sacchari cation of connective tissue

Glycation (also glycosylation) refers to the reaction of proteins, lipids or nucleic acids with carbohydrates without the involvement of enzymes. The products of this reaction are...


Microzest 25 Rice – Silky, multifunctional additive with a matting effect

Microzest 25 Rice is one of the multifunctional additives produced by Lessonia. This silky powder is exclusively manufactured from whole rice grains by micronization during a...


Celluloscrub™ – the ultimate polyethylene alternative

The use of tiny polyethylene beads in cosmetic products is coming under attack more and more due to the negative impact it has on the environment. Many cosmetics manufacturers are...


Chiaprotect – healthy and full hair

Chia Protect – healthy and full hair. Chiaprotect is an active vegetable oil that is obtained by cold pressing from the Mexican flowering plant Chia (Salvia hispanica). The...



New edition beautycare

The latest issue of our Magazine beautycare.

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Renewal of our ISO Certificate

ISO Certification is important

 ISO 9001:2015

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New cosmetic catalogue 2017!

We are happy to present our updated cosmetic catalogue!

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Cooperation with Galactic

We are pleased to inform that from 1st of January 2017 we start cooperation with...

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Sustainable Ingredient Award for Baobab Tein NPNF

We are pleased to inform  that  our supplier TRI-K received the award  from the...

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